Susan Clickner is a self-taught artist whose images have been licensed by major manufacturers including Mohawk Industries, Avanti linens, TARGET department stores, Rival appliances, and hundreds of other major retailers. Her original art has been featured at the Museum of American Folk-art in NYC, and won awards for originality in many trade shows and organizations. In addition to her art career, Susan has owned and operated many retail businesses including art galleries, a furniture store, a restaurant, a bed & breakfast, all on the main street in small towns. She simultaneously enjoyed a career as a historic restoration builder and designer.

15 years ago, needing a way to communicate with customers, Susan designed her first “open flag”. She created a logo for the town of Wellsboro, PA where she owned several businesses. The logo was an oval medallion featuring an image of the famous gas lights which line the boulevards of this lovely Victorian town. 

 When she hung her OPEN flag in front of her business, something surprising happened. Other businesses in the town wanted them too. Clothing stores, cafes, office suppliers, hardware stores, etc. She reproduced her design for merchants and even the Chamber of Commerce, who all hung out the OPEN sign every day!! Then, more businesses came on board, the barber shop, the ice-cream parlor, and even a bank in town wanted to be included.

One merchant said, “It’s what I do every morning, hang out my “Wellsboro OPEN flag”. It unites us all under the brand which is the town of Wellsboro.   My customers have come to look for this and understand it."

Susan about the flag: “The design is low key, understated, elegant and practical. The important element is the logo of the town. It’s the cohesive factor, the thing everyone looks for. It not only helps the merchant and the customers, it brands the town. “

 Now retired from her retail and restoration businesses, Susan resides in Lynchburg Virginia devotes her days to caring for her 2 adopted dogs and creating flags for other towns.

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