"Necessity is the mother of invention"  said someone smart!!  And this line of OPEN flags originated out of necessity about 12 years ago, when I needed a really classy, low profile, OPEN flag for several of my downtown businesses.  So out came the canvas and paint brushes.   With left-over canvas from the awnings just installed and a hand cut stencil, I painted my first OPEN flags with house paint!!   

As a builder and carpenter it was an easy task to make a flagpole and mount the flag.  It did the job and attracted attention.  Lots of attention....

Other businesses in the town wanted them too. Clothing stores, cafes, office suppliers, hardware stores, etc.  I reproduced the design for merchants and even the Chamber of Commerce, who all hung out their OPEN flag every day!!  Then the barber shop, the ice-cream parlor, and even a bank in town wanted one!

And so, "DOWNTOWN FLAGS" was established.  
Now retired from my retail and restoration businesses, I live in a historic home in Virginia and spend my days to caring for 3 adopted dogs and creating flags for small businesses.

My background:
Education in computer programming/systems design.  
Self-taught folk-artist with images licensed by major manufacturers including Mohawk Industries, Avanti linens, TARGET department stores, Rival appliances, and hundreds of other major retailers. My original art has been featured at the Museum of American Folk-art in NYC, and won awards for originality in many trade shows and organizations. 
In addition to my art career, I have  owned and operated many retail businesses including art galleries, furniture stores, a restaurant, a bed & breakfast, all on the main street in small towns. I simultaneously enjoyed a career as a licensed historic restoration builder, designer and consultant.


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