Let's talk about logos.  Almost half of my customers ask about having their existing logo put on a flag!  This is a great way to help build your brand.

Here what I recommend:

1 * Repeat colors you already use on the front  of your building.

2 * Repeat the lettering font you use on your sign or other materials.

3 * Repeat your "symbol" ie: wheat, wine bottle, tree etc.

4 * If you have an existing sign on your building, do NOT repeat the words.

5 * Make the most promenent message be OPEN.

The OPEN flag should only be hung outside during your open hours!  It is really an attention grabbing way to say "HEY OVER HERE....  I'M OPEN!!!"  

Try not to get distracted from your message.

For more ideas, simply send me your logo and I'll show you some layout choices.



Here are a few more examples of OPEN flags with logos:

Great color splash

Fabulous way to say OPEN